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Zielone Śródmieście

Well-planned flats in the direct vicinity of vast green areas. 

High availability of the public transport – 9 bus lines and 3 tram lines within several minutes on foot.

Flats in low-rise 4-storey buildings.

The housing development is fenced, includes parking spaces and rooms for bikes inside the underground level. 

Easy access to Pasaż Grunwaldzki, campuses of 4 universities (6 minutes by car) and shopping mall “Korona” (8 minutes by car).

9 minutes on foot to the Park of Stanisław Tołpa and the Faculty of Architecture of the Wrocław University of Technology. 


This housing development is located by Jaracza street and Damrota street, on one of two big Islands, which comprise the Midtown of Wrocław. The complex of buildings includes over 260 flats with an area ranging from 29 to 107 m2 and diverse functional layout. All stairways are equipped with modern elevators and the standard of flats includes (apart from utilities) the internet, telephone and TV installation. The underground level includes parking spaces for cars and 3 generally accessible rooms for bicycles. Internal gardens are located between the buildings, which are available to everybody and thanks to which all flats in “Zielone Śródmieście” are genuinely bright. The flats have balconies and some of them are equipped with the winter gardens.

Also, the construction of playground for children has been planned within the housing development. The entrance to the housing development is located from the side of Jaracza street. The traffic route was constructed along the entire building length from the side of Jaracza and Damrota street, and there’s a space for turning around at the end of it. One unit – available from the sidewalk level – was built for the purposes of commercial and service activity. This housing development is located in the green lungs of the Midtown. Its microclimate is affected by approx. 20 hectares of green areas, consisting mainly of allotment gardens and Odra’s meadows, boulevards and embankments. Also, an interesting Park of Stanisław Tołpa is located within a few hundred meters.



Communication of the housing development is very good. Bus and tram stops are located within a few minutes on foot. Also, two important communication nodes are located in the close vicinity: Grunwald Square and Kromer Square. “Zielone Śródmieście” is not only a great place to live, but also an attractive location for an apartment for rent. In a radius of several minutes by car, there are located large campuses of: Wrocław University of Technology, Wrocław University of Environmental and Life Sciences, Wrocław Medical University and University of Wrocław. Two shopping malls are equally easy to access: Pasaż Grunwaldzki and Korona.

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Zielone Śródmieście widok od ogródków
Zielone Śródmieście u. Jaracza
Zielone Śródmieście widok od ogródków 2
Zielone Śródmieście dziedziniec w nocy 2
Zielone Śródmieście dziedziniec w nocy
ul. Jaracza
ul. jaracza