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Słoneczny Zakątek

Ready / stage III - I quarter of 2016

Krzyki – highly valued district of Wrocław, which is well connected with the rest of the city.

This housing development is fenced and each staircase is equipped with an elevator. The parking spaces are located within the underground level and on the property’s area.

Only two minutes on foot separate the housing development from the bus stop (2 lines) and
twelve minutes on foot separate it from the large communication node (4 tram lines and 8 bus lines).

Also, near the housing development (fifteen minutes on foot), there’s a huge almost 27-hectare Southern Park located.

Only 10 minutes takes the drive to one of the biggest shopping malls in Poland – “Park Handlowy Bielany”.


“Słoneczny Zakątek” is located by Babiego Lata street, between Krzycka street and Skarbowców street. Five modern buildings include
264 adaptable compact flats. All buildings are equipped with silent elevators, which are adapted to the needs of people with disabilities. The underground level includes multi-space garages and technical rooms. Part of the parking spaces is located outside, within housing development’s area. The ground floor flats are equipped with their own mini-gardens. The flats on the higher floors have large balconies. This housing development is fenced. Its entry is not regulated by barrier located at the entrance. You will also find a lot of small architectural elements within the area: we have provided modern lighting, comfortable benches and sidewalks as well as safe playground for children. The flowerbed that surrounds the playground will be decorated with various shades of green in the spring. We have planted shrubs, climbing plants, perennials and grasses there. We’ve put great emphasis on aesthetic functions during the selection of plants. Therefore, we’ve designed espaliers of trees and shrubs along the streets. The advantage of this neighbourhood is well developed infrastructure: shops, service facilities, public transport stops – all of these are located within easy reach. It’s also very convenient that car ride to the shopping mall “Bielany” takes only 10 minutes. Southern Park, which is located only fifteen minutes on foot from the housing development, encourages taking long walks – this park is characterized by almost 27 hectares of green areas with old trees, charming alleys, glades, pond and large playground for children. The park was designed in 1892 by the urban landscape architect named Hugo Richter. Pascal’s tourist guide calls it one of two most beautiful parks in Wrocław (together with Szczytnicki park). In the close proximity to the “Słoneczny Zakątek”, there’s also a large communication node – Krzyki terminal. 4 tram lines and 8 bus lines guarantee convenient connection with the key areas of the city. The closest bus stop is located within easy reach: near the intersection of Krzycka street and access road to the housing development (about 2-3 minutes on foot). “Słoneczny Zakątek” is a perfect choice for young families. Very practical and convenient location, in the district enjoying good reputation. Affordable compact flats. Modern and aesthetic buildings, well-arranged space of joint parts of the housing development. – Those are the key advantages of our investment. In addition, the premises are fenced and safe. Our offer also includes the possibility to implement the purchased flat on a turnkey basis, at a price from 300 PLN/m2.



“Słoneczny Zakątek” is located in the direct vicinity of the Kleciński Park. Thanks to the unique atmosphere and landscape qualities, this investment constitutes an ideal place for all of those who, while looking for a flat with good access to the city centre, don’t want to give up stunning views and tranquillity.



Within a radius of 1000 m from “Słoneczny Zakątek”, there’s the shopping mall “Bielany”, Wrocław Horse Race Course “Partynice”, kindergarten, primary school, middle school, high school, technical high school and other objects.



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