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Rezydencja Staromiejska

This investment was created between Pochyła street and Tęczowa street on separated plots within newly built Kępa Staromiejska. The surroundings of Rezydencja Staromiejska constitute an area of great importance for development of the city centre. Due to this fact, it’s an offer that has huge potential of increase in value in the following years. Close proximity to commercial and service facilities as well as public transport stops constitute further advantages of this investment.



Also, very important is the fact that you can reach the Market Square in only few minutes and thanks to that the residents can actively participate in cultural and social life of Wrocław. Green areas, which separate apartments from the city noise, are exceptional in the context of the city centre. In the scope of architecture, this investment is distinguished by elevation, and specifically by prestigious and modern materials used for its finishing. The buildings are predominantly covered with aluminium and toughened glass. Part of the glazing has the height of the entire storey, which ensures great lighting. Also, the size of balconies (approx. 4-36 m2) and terraces (20-140 m2) belonging to the apartments is very impressive. The development of land surrounding the buildings is a true masterpiece. Alleys illuminated in the evening, a cascade of flowing water, original plant compositions, places of recreation and meetings of residents, playground for children, all of those elements will make you want to live here. In two stand-alone buildings, 48 apartments with high standard were designed, with an area ranging from 30 to 121 m2. Excellent location in the city centre, high-quality materials used for construction and finishing, delightful small architectural details and ergonomically designed distribution of rooms are a brief characterization of Rezydencja Staromiejska.



The access to leisure activities and excellent transport connections are two most important advantages of this investment. It’s already well connected to the city centre, which is inevitably associated with a wide range of leisure activities. You can reach it easily by car, collective transport or on foot. In the future, it will be even better.

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Rezydencja Staromiejska widok od ul. Pochyłej
Rezydencja Staromiejska widok od ul. Tęczowej