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Kępa Staromiejska

Ready housing development


Carefully designed architecture of the housing development.

Spacious apartments for families and single people.

Very good infrastructure – within a radius of 1 km: 4 kindergartens, 3 schools, 2 pharmacies, clinic, bank, church, theatre, shops, tram stops. 15-20 minute walk to the Market Square.

Old Town – which never sleeps


Kępa Staromiejska is a comfortable housing development, nicely integrated into the historic street grid of Wrocław Old Town. In the context of foundation and scale, the buildings refer to high century-old tenement houses, which are located in the close vicinity. While walking by such streets as: Pochyła, Wysoka, Tęczowa or Zdrowa, we’re passing by elegant facades finished with the use of clinker. This material was used on elevations of the first two storeys of each building. If you’ll raise your head, you will see gray ribbons of balconies skilfully decorated with the red shutters of winter gardens. The last storeys of each building were finished with the use of titanium-zinc sheet metal, providing facades with somewhat industrial accent.

This housing development includes exclusive apartments, penthouses and new flats with higher standard. The joint area of the housing development was very carefully designed: designer lanterns, parking spaces with ivy-roofs, walking paths illuminated after dark and even a small fountain. The buildings are equipped with silent elevators. The apartments are adaptable, well-lit and available in diverse sizes. You can choose from premises with terrace, balcony or winter garden.

Infrastructure around this housing development is very good. The advantage of living in Kępa Staromiejska is the close vicinity of kindergartens, schools, middle schools, universities, commercial and service facilities as well as public transportation stops. You can reach the city centre by tram, which has a stop nearby. While using the buses that stop in the close vicinity, you can get to various parts of the city. However, the key location advantage of this housing development is the Old Town itself. It’s just a few minutes on foot to get to the Old Town Promenade or to watch a theatre performance. Within fifteen minutes, you can get to the vibrant cafe district called “Dzielnica Czterech Wyznań” and to the Town Square. From here, it’s very close to the cinema “Nowe Horyzonty”, to the legendary clubs e.g. “Mleczarnia” and “Firlej”, to the Wrocław Opera and to the National Forum of Music.



One of the greatest advantages of this investment is the prospective location. It’s already well-communicated with the city centre, which is inevitably associated with a wide range of leisure activities. You can reach it easily by car, collective transport or on foot. In the future, it will be even better. These basic advantages: transport connections and access to leisure activities will only improve.

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Kępa Staromiejska widok od ul. Pochyłej
Kępa Staromiejska dziedziniec
Kępa Staromiejska widok z ul. Wysokiej