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Bulwar Drobnera

Limited offer – only 17 apartments.

Views from the panoramic windows overlooking Odra river, Ostrów Tumski, University and even Ślęża mountain.

Perfectly soundproofed and lit interiors. In a radius of about 1 km: Market Square, Ossolineum, Wrocław Contemporary Theatre, Odra boulevards, Marina Topacz, Ostrów Tumski.

Location by an important arterial road, connecting the east of Wrocław with the west of Wrocław, on the edge of revitalized nineteenth-century district called “Nadodrze”, in the city centre.


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Bulwar Drobnera is a cosy apartment building located in the heart of Wrocław. On its southern side, beyond the Odra river, the historic Old Town is located. In the north, you will find the frontages of tenement houses of nineteenth-century “Nadorze” area. The building was raised as a natural extension of the existing buildings. Its elevation, from the side of the street, was covered by creamy travertine – a stone known for the fact that it was used for the construction of Roman Coliseum. Joint parts inside the Bulwar Drobnera were finished with the use of artistic concrete, which provides the surfaces with an interesting texture and minimalist style. In the architectural context, it’s worth noting that this building includes wide balconies with sliding wooden shutters and high panoramic windows.

Within the lower floors, this building has office and commercial premises. The upper floors were designed for the purpose of comfortable flats. Apartment interiors are very effectively soundproofed, well lit and high. The higher floors have one of the most beautiful panoramas of the city that you could dream of in Wrocław. Its skyline extends from the towers of Wrocław cathedral in the east to the top of Ślęża mountain in the south west. And Wrocław... Wrocław lies at your feet.


A huge advantage of Bulwar Drobnera is the fact that everything is so close from here. The square market, dozens of restaurants, shops and big-city attractions are within easy reach. Thanks to its location by east-west arterial road, it’s easy to get to airport from here, as well as to the expressway S8, which connects Wrocław with Warsaw. Public transport stops are located within few minutes on foot from the building. But the walks will provide you with the greatest pleasure: Odra boulevards, nooks of Wrocław Old Town or Botanical Garden, which is located nearby – those are just few of the available options. Bulwar Drobnera is located on the edge of Nadodrze area (Odra river area).

Nadodrze is a part of Wrocław’s Midtown, located directly across the Old Town. This area survived World War II without serious damage, in comparison to other parts of Wrocław, and therefore for several post-war years, it was the administrative centre of the city. Currently, its seventeenth-century essence combined with a bold look into the future made it one of the most popular tourist and residential attractions. Here, you can find small craft workshops, artists’ studios, small local shops and a certain microworld of more and more fashionable revitalized district. Bulwar Drobnera consists of comfortable apartments in the city centre. This location is perfectly suited for the needs of entrepreneurs seeking well-located commercial premises in Wrocław, as well as active people who value an apartment in the city centre and who at the same time expect the high standard of the cosy neighbourhood, spacious and comfortable apartments.




Access to leisure activities and great transport connections are two most important advantages of this investment. It’s already well-communicated with the city centre, which is inevitably associated with a wide range of leisure activities. You can reach it easily by car, collective transport or on foot. In the future, it will be even better. These basic advantages: transport connections and access to leisure activities will only improve.



A little further, i.e. five minute walk, you will get to one of the most unique places in Wrocław. It’s a botanical garden. Here, in every alley, you will stumble across more beautiful and more exotic flowers and shrubs. Here, you will find bench under a tree, which grows the closest in Macedonia or southern France. Finally, you can also walk among beautiful birches, enjoy peace and quiet or completely by chance stumble across small cosy concert.


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Bulwar Drobnera - apartament pokazowy
Bulwar Drobnera - apartament pokazowy
Bulwar Drobnera - apartament pokazowy
Bulwar Drobnera - apartament pokazowy
Bulwar Drobnera - apartament pokazowy
Bulwar Drobnera - apartament pokazowy
Bulwar Drobnera - apartament pokazowy
Bulwar Drobnera - apartament pokazowy
Bulwar Drobnera z lotu ptaka
Bulwar Drobnera widok z tarasu
Bulwar Drobnera nocą
Bulwar Drobnera portiernia